05 July 2012

How to reach Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (DMIA) in Clark, Pampanga

I've read a lot of blogs and information online that helped me reach DMIA easily.

That SMART Tent is where you'll wait if you happen to arrive too early from your scheduled flight.

Our Cebu Pacific flight to Hong Kong leaves at 7:05am on a Sunday. We need to be at the Check-In counter at least 45 minutes before departure so we can be boarded on the plane. Boarding time is 15 minutes before departure which falls at 6:50am.

Promo Airline fares make traveling abroad possible :-)

We'll be coming from North Luzon, Olongapo to be exact, and based on my regular trips to and from Manila, travel time usually takes from 1 to 1.5 hours between Subic Bay Freeport Zone and Dau in Pampanga via the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX).

The earliest trip via SCTEX from Olongapo leaves at 4:15am. If we'll be taking this trip, our latest time of arrival at the Bus Terminal in Dau would be around 5:45am giving us only 65 minutes to transport ourselves to the airport inside Clark Freeport zone.

So here's how it went =D

0030 - Woke up
0100 - Web Check-in
(Cebu Pacific's web check-in facility is now offered for free so I grabbed the chance to give us another 30 minutes allowance upon arriving at the airport. This service is available online from 48 up to 4 hours before your scheduled flight.)
0310 - Tricycle to Victory Liner Olongapo terminal
0330 - Had Breakfast first since tickets for the 1st trip will only be sold at 4am
0415 - 1st trip via SCTEX (Actually left 3 minutes earlier)
0518 - Arrived at Dau, Mabalacat Bus Terminal
0533 - Shuttle to Airport
 (We were lucky that 4 other passengers were there going to the airport, transportation to DMIA is more expensive when you're a group of less than 5 as shuttles here charge a minimum of Php500 for a one-way trip to the airport. When passengers are more than 5, they charge Php100 per head.)

Look for the Air-conditioned jeeps painted White and Green or ask any barker beside Mister Donut (they will text/call the shuttle operators/drivers)
  0602 - Arrived at DMIA Departure Area
0605 - Travel Tax Payment Counter
0612 - Claimed Boarding Pass
0615 - Terminal Fee Payment Counter
0626 - Immigration Checks
0640 - Boarded Aircraft
0705 - Aircraft took off 10 minutes earlier than scheduled

This is my bee's first airplane ride. And she liked it. Yey!

04 July 2012

Cha-Cha and Mapo

Dogs are man's best friend. Indeed. :-)

Meet Cha-Cha and Mapo. My cute and much-loved puppies.

Cousins :-)
They eat together. Sometimes they fight over food and sometimes share 'em.
Looks like each other.
Cha-Cha likes watching TV.
And likes to stay in bed.

Mapo likes to go outside and run around.

Afraid of the vet.

Looks scared :-(
They enjoy playing together :-)
These cuties welcome you and take away the stress from a long travel home.

Love them <3

04 June 2012

Breakfast @ Macky's

What's planned usually ends up cancelled.
And what's unplanned usually pushes through =D

Cute little chef figurine holding Macky's signage =)

From our workplace at New Manila, me and four other friends went all the way to Macky's in Marikina. Worth the trip as Macky's offer filling meals at affordable prices.

Take a look at what we ordered =)

Pork Strips
Matches perfectly!
Tokwa't Baboy with their very delicious vinegar ;-)
Iced Banana

Each of us didn't go over 100 pesos each. The food was amazing and is very much pocket-friendly.
You can reach Macky's by train (Alight at LRT 2 - Katipunan Station) then take a jeepney bound to Calumpang and you'll be there in a jiffy 
(just let Manong driver drop you off just before the Church, you won't miss it).
Visit them soon!

15 May 2012

Time Consuming Applications @ DFA and NSO

I'll be having another trip to Hong Kong, this time with Sharelle and her dad.
We're bringing my bee to Disneyland. Yey!!!

First comes first, we need to have her Passport processed.
One of the requirements is a birth certificate, and we all know that almost every establishment, institution, company or agency requires the certificate to be issued by NSO.

So I scheduled the appointment with DFA and headed to NSO.

Here's what greeted me early in the morning, barely 8am :|

Pila balde :|

That's just the line to get your application form and Queue #. Another line goes to the verification counter/tables then another for payments.

This was taken a few minutes after 7am. See how many the applicants are? Geeeeezzz :|
I got Queue# 894 and had to wait 1.5 hours to finish the process. Then I learned that I have to wait another 2.5 hours for releasing. Stressful. =(

I just told the guard that I'll return the next day for releasing, which was (gladly) allowed.

When Sharelle's Birth certificate was released and the DFA's appointment came, I couldn't believe that another loooong line of applicants await.

Sandamakmak ulit na applicants :|

Siksikan :|

Counters everywhere :|
When will these government agencies find a more efficient way of providing documents to their citizens without the hassle of such looong lines. I'm not complaining about falling in line but they should watch it when lines go beyond a thousand and not even half of it are served :|

11 May 2012

Basix @ Dusit Thani Manila

This is my first ever take on hotel buffets. 
I've tried Dad's and Red Kimono with my officemates before and I hope to enjoy Basix as much as I did with the two other restos.

This dining experience was made possible by a voucher bought from CashCashPinoy. Got the deal at 50% off!

Since I'm new at this, I already did some research/reading prior to dining at Basix.
I'm a plus size gal but not very good when filling myself up with food.
I know when to stop when I've had enough.

Here's what I had from their spread :

Greens and Cold cuts

Grilled Salmon and Squid with I don't remember what the meat was called

Pasta in white sauce with Mushrooms, Bacon and Shrimps

Oysters and Mussels

Fresh fruits, Siomai, some cheese and Tempura

I so loved this plate! Very tasty dimsums! Plus free-flowing grape juice :)

And for dessert I got :

I love their cakes!

Something sticky in the middle made me not eat what appears to be rice crispies

The caramelized walnut can't go wrong

This one had a hint of mint which I really liked

Fruits in syrup was a delight!

I enjoyed my dinner and left Basix with a bulging tummy =)
Also worth mentioning is how courteous, friendly and helpful their staffs are.
From the reception to the Chefs and waiters, I thank them all for such special treatment. =)
Kudos to all of you!
I'll surely come back if I have a chance to grab a deal again =) 'Til next time!

Quezo de Bola Cheesecake by Irene

I am a fan of cheesecakes! Almost any flavor of it!
But this one is such a standout that even my daughter wanted me to bake one only if I could.

I was searching online for cheesecake goodies near our office for some unscheduled cravings and came across this blog by canDIshhh. I got so "takam" when I saw the pictures of the Quezo de Bola cheesecake featured in her blog. I just had to try it!
So I texted Irene and ordered two 4.5inch cheesecakes. We agreed on the pickup date and boy! I'm just too excited!

I didn't mind riding the MRT (Siksikan!) just to pick it up. I just got off from work and really wanted some creamy dessert to sink my teeth in.

Picking it up was no hassle. I texted Irene when I reached the lobby of Astoria and her husband came down and delivered it right away. I just wished I had some paper bag of some sort with me 'cause I had a hard time carrying the two boxes.

I promised myself to just try one small slice so I can still enjoy it during the coming weekend restdays. But I failed. See how much I ate at first contact. That's how delicious it is! I almost finished one whole! LOL

I brought the other one home to Subic that weekend. I had to freeze it overnight so it won't get soggy during the trip. My daughter and beau loved it to so much! Until next time Irene!

Here are Irene's contact details, try it now!

Indulgence by Irene
For Orders: 0922-8303900/0917-6225800

Quezo de Bola Cheesecake
9 inch - P900
4 1/2 inch - P200

Pick up in Ortigas
Meet up in Magallanes - Weekday mornings and afternoons

Check it out on Facebook -

Michelle's Sweet Kiss : NOT SWEET AT ALL :|

Forgive me for not writing sooner. I've been very busy with all the office works, family events and personal issues. But, I'm back! =D Hope to keep a longer streak with my blog this time.

The last post I published was about the cupcakes and mini cake vouchers I bought from Metrodeal which I promised to let you readers know how they'll pass my taste buds (considering I'm not maarte when it comes to food). And I'm telling you, I did not like them one bit. The cupcakes were dry and oily. You can even see the oil marks at the bottom of the box.

Dry and Oily :|

The Mini Kamasutra cake lacks the moist texture being advertised. And the golden mini balls which supposedly are chocolate balls were nothing but hard, unacceptable part of the food. It didn't even taste that chocolatey. It was a complete failure!

Disappointment :|
Moving forward, with food again! Haha! I bought another voucher almost the same time I bought the ones I used with MSK Cupcakes but from a different group-buying website. This time I bought from CashCashPinoy.

It's a voucher for Dusit Thani's famous buffet spread @ Basix.
Up Next! 1st Take on buffets! Yeah! =D

11 February 2012

Not so Heavenly Cupcakes and Mini Cake

I bought a voucher on Metrodeal. The deal is described as follows: