11 May 2012

Michelle's Sweet Kiss : NOT SWEET AT ALL :|

Forgive me for not writing sooner. I've been very busy with all the office works, family events and personal issues. But, I'm back! =D Hope to keep a longer streak with my blog this time.

The last post I published was about the cupcakes and mini cake vouchers I bought from Metrodeal which I promised to let you readers know how they'll pass my taste buds (considering I'm not maarte when it comes to food). And I'm telling you, I did not like them one bit. The cupcakes were dry and oily. You can even see the oil marks at the bottom of the box.

Dry and Oily :|

The Mini Kamasutra cake lacks the moist texture being advertised. And the golden mini balls which supposedly are chocolate balls were nothing but hard, unacceptable part of the food. It didn't even taste that chocolatey. It was a complete failure!

Disappointment :|
Moving forward, with food again! Haha! I bought another voucher almost the same time I bought the ones I used with MSK Cupcakes but from a different group-buying website. This time I bought from CashCashPinoy.

It's a voucher for Dusit Thani's famous buffet spread @ Basix.
Up Next! 1st Take on buffets! Yeah! =D


  1. i definitely agree with you as for our agonizing experience with this cardboard tasting products not to mentions the hassle of picking it up for they have no permanent address NPA baga;-(

  2. Hi may I ask if this is the same Sweet kiss bakery in don a roces quezon city kse I'm going to pay 30vouchers for their cupcakes I just want to be sure first kse we are giving the cupcakes sa sponsors bka mapahiya kme please let me know thank u

  3. I saw this deal sa metrodeal 199 box of 12 cupcakes instead of 600 na feature sila recently sa Kris tv that's why mjo na inganyo Ako to buy 30 vouchers well sa Monday ko p nman ppay sa bank I just want to ask if this is the sweet kiss bakery d same nun msk wer u bought the cupcakes .....please let me know

    1. Hi there! I purchased the deal Jan 25 2012 with the following Merchant details:

      Company name:
      Sweet Kiss
      125 Don A. Roces Avenue Quezon City

      Globe: 0916-347-9958
      Landline: 775-0155


      That's the address posted in Metrodeal but I picked the cupcakes up inside a subdivision along Mangga or Rosal St., near Betty Go-Belmonte LRT Line 2 Station.. Hope that helps..


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